Challenge Your Strength & Stability With These 25 Stability Ball Workouts!

Stability ball exercises are a great way to engage your core and improve your balance. They can be used for a variety of fitness goals, from rehabilitation to strength training.

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  1. Frogs for the glutes
  2. Push on the ball
  3. Advanced push on the ball
  4. Hip lifts
  5. Doorbell squats
  6. Reverse hamstring curls
  7. Alternate lunge with overhead lift
  8. Back of thigh toner
  9. Outer thigh toner
  10. Floor taps
  11. Stability ball dead lifts
  12. Wall squats
  13. Superwomen back extensions
  14. Leg extensions
  15. Ball AB exchange
  16. Lying leg circle
  17. Pilates plank with rear leg lift
  18. Hip circle
  19. Inner thigh squeeze
  20. AB teaser
  21. Full Ab roll
  22. AB twists
  23. Ab bicycles
  24. Ab roll outs

Why Stability Ball Exercise?

Stability ball’s unstable surface provides an added challenge for the user compared to traditional floor exercises, as his/her body must work harder to balance and stabilize itself.

When performed correctly, Swiss ball exercises can help you develop core strength, improve your posture, and increase your overall balance and stability.

They also help you build flexibility, as many of the exercises require you to stretch and hold positions for extended periods of time.

Gym ball exercises are also beneficial for balance-focused athletes, such as gymnasts or dancers.

For best results, it is important to ensure that the Yoga- ball is properly inflated and adjusted to the correct size and height.

Additionally, proper posture should be maintained at all times to avoid injury.

Can I lose weight with stability ball exercise?

stability ball workouts

Yes, stability ball exercises can be a great way to lose weight If you are not doing any other exercises, because something is better than nothing!

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Stability ball exercises are a form of resistance training, which is an essential component of any successful weight loss program. When you perform exercises with a stability ball, the instability of the ball helps to engage more muscles, activating more muscle fibers and increasing the intensity of the exercises.

This leads to increased calorie burn, which can help you to lose weight. In addition to calorie burning, stability ball exercises also help to build strength and tone your muscles. These exercises are typically low impact ones, making them suitable for any fitness level, and can help to improve your balance, posture, and coordination.

For best results do stability ball workouts on non-workout days

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