Jade Teta Metabolic Renewal Review with Pros and Cons

Metabolic Renewal by Dr. Jade Teta is a customizable diet and exercise plan specifically designed for women. It promises to restore, rebalance female hormone and metabolism.

Although customizable fitness plan is good, it appears that Metabolic Renewal program is a honey trap to sell you lots of packaged meals, pills and supplements.

The entry cost is low ($38). But after becoming a member of the program you are encouraged to (infact, coerced) to buy variety of other courses and supplement through upsell funnel. Though buying those extra stuff isn’t necessary, you won’t get the promised benefit of body transformation.

It all stats with a 5-minute quiz

Metabolic online fake quiz result

Before enrolling for the program, you have to take an online quiz to analyse your body so that the software can assess your hormone type.

The quiz is free, but you have to provide your email to get the result.

Based on your input, the software might tag your body type as follows;

  • Hormone Type 1) Normal menstrual cycle with balanced estrogen and progesterone
  • Hormone Type 2) Normal menstrual cycle with estrogen dominant (hormone overload)
  • Hormone Type 3) Normal menstrual cycle with progesterone deficiency
  • Hormone Type 4) Normal menstrual cycle with estrogen and progesterone deficiency (ovarian burnout)
  • Hormone Type 5) Perimenopause with fluctuating estrogen and progesterone deficiency
  • Hormone Type 6) Menopause with estrogen and progesterone deficiency
  • Hormone Type 7) Post menopause with estrogen and progesterone deficiency

Based on your input that software decides your current hormonal syndrome and generates a customizable plan for you. But I seriously suspect it.

Now that sounds like a fantastic idea. However, unfortunately a software can never accurately assess body type or real hormonal issues you have. 50-50 is the best bet here. Now think what would happen if the software judged your body type wrongly.

You guessed right… you will get completely different fitness program!

Who can Detect Hormonal Issues?

To make a long story short let’s conclude it in this way. Only a doctor by looking into your clinically tested medical records can assess your body type and hormonal syndrome you are going through.

To detect or to accurately predict hormones syndrome a doctor needs to study your blood samples report over a period. Especially, if you have menopause or pre-menopause symptoms, irregular periods, abnormal bleeding, yeast infection, low-libido, diabetes, hypertension etc. then don’t rely on an online quiz to determine your status of health!

Some of the quiz questions may confuse you, so you end up entering wrong information. If your input data itself is false, then you can’t expect the software to provide correct output! This is the limitation of software and artificial intelligence.

For me, the whole quiz sounds like a scam to trick you into believe in something you already know very well or absolutely know nothing about!

Metabolic Renewal Program Review

Metabolic renewal program review

The program is designed with a nutritious meal plan and workout program.

So, YES, the program should work if you follow it. Now let’s briefly look into all the components of this program. The program uses “4M” framework called “mindset, movement meal & metabolic.”

  1. Component 1:  A 12-week body sculpting workout plan for working out smarter, not harder. It’s split further into 4 weeks of phases called Harmony, Inspire, Enhance & Synonym.
  2. Component 2: 12 Week Metabolic Meal Plan. This is actually a low calorie ketogenic meal plan which you can customize as per your food choice. Comes with a recipe manual, shopping list etc.

Apart from the above 2 you will also get few bonuses like 5-minute body sculpting burnouts, 5 steps belly fat loss formula.

The listed price for the whole package is $97.77 but sold for $37.99. If you prefer the online +DVD version, then pay extra shipping & handling charges.

Does Metabolic Renewal Work?

The program is designed in such a way that it should work. Firstly, it’s a workout program for sculpting female body. Secondly, the meal plan encourages ketogenic effect, which means faster weight loss is possible.

The problem with any keto diet is that it’s much harder to follow. However, plenty of food choices with customization makes it easier to follow a Ketogenic diet plan.

The program is designed by a person (or doctor) who knows what he’s talking about. Though complete body transformation in as low as 12 weeks is a pipedream for the majority, very good result is achievable. I liked the fact that Dr. Jade doesn’t promise body sculpting in 30 days like few others do.

Highlights And Key Pros And Cons


  1. The program incorporates a healthy diet and workout plan.
  2. Designed by a person with good knowledge on human body, metabolism & female hormone.
  3. Weight loss, body sculpting and overall fitness improvement are achievable.


  1. The health quiz appears like a tool to fool you. So, I’m unsure whether the program is really customized as per quiz data.
  2. Lots of upsell for packaged foods, programs, pills & supplements will burnout your patience and purse.
  3. Natural Health Sherpa by Dr. Jade Teta has highly questionable reputation on public domain (see below)

Who is Dr. Jade Teta?

Dr. Jade Teta

Dr. Teta is an entrepreneur, Author & Doctor – in the same order!

Dr. Jade Teta is an integrative doctor and personal trainer with over 25 years of experience. He has authored a few books on Metabolism which are available on Amazon.

Even though he’s not a medical doctor he seems to possess good knowledge. He founded Natural Health Sherpa along with Dr. Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS. This company sells many fitness programs and supplements.

Few words about Natural Health Sherpa

Natural Health Sherpa is founded by Dr. Jade. The website sells many programs like Metabolic Renewal, Metabolic Factor, Metabolic Aftershock, Metabolic Prime etc.

They also sell many supplements like Super protein, Super omega, Menosync, Metabolic Spark etc. If you are taking diabetic medicine see if Berberine for diabetes & weight loss a good option.

Customers Satisfaction

There are mixed consumers review on independent sites like Quora & Reddit. It seems that none of their products are sold on Amazon or other online marketplaces. Their products are marketed by ‘influencers’ through network type marketing (not strictly MLM)

There are also many unresolved complaints from dissatisfied customers on BBB. So, for me Natural Health Sherpa isn’t’ a trustworthy company. I’m not concluding that their products are bad.

Alternative Options

Metabolic Renewal is a workout-based program. So, this is simply not for you if you are looking for a ‘diet or nutrition’ based weight loss program. Though weight loss is 80% diet & 20% workout, exercise is still an important aspect.

If your goal isn’t getting that sculpted body, hourglass figure etc. then you can use any good Ketogenic meal plan. For exercise watch few free videos on Youtube.


For quicker weight loss and improving your overall health you can replace one or 2 meal a day with delicious smoothie.

Another similar program is Metaboost Connection

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