Once Popular & Now Forgotten Diet Plans: Top 10

Dieting can be at time frustrating especially if you are not well versed with the healthy diet meals available in the market. Over the last century 100’s diet plans and books were created. Many popular diets faced slow death due to lack of food choice, strict rules & people’s boredom.

Below you can read some of the famous diets that no longer loved by people.

Dr. Simeon’s Diet Plan: A Calorie Meal Plan

Dubbed as “Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches Manuscript”, this diet is formulated by Dr. Albert T.W.Simeons (1900-1970), an English endocrinologist educated in Germany. He wanted to find a cure for tropical diseases so he went to Africa in 1930 then India. While there, his efforts were honored with the Red Cross of Merit for finding ways that could lead to finding a cure for malaria.

Dr. Simeons’ diet is based on a very low calorie meal plan. Aimed at the drastic method for morbidly obese patients together with injections of hCG (human chrorionic gonadotrophin) which, according to his studies help the body promote weight loss and lessen the incidence of conditions that might be ignited by the weight loss.

Lose 1 pound a day for 26 days?

His program is basically a 500-calorie diet paired with an injection of a minimum of 125 international units of hCG. This, Dr. Simeons claims, can cause weight loss of at least a pound a day in even obese patients as heavy as 400 pounds.

It sounds like a very strict diet, and it is. No medicines, cosmetics other than eyebrow pencils, powder and lipstick is allowed. With regards to medicine, only birth control pills and aspirin are allowed. A minimum of 2 liters of water is prescribed along with the juice of one lemon only ( to be used for whatever purpose).

A thorough understanding of the entire diet plan, including the exercises that are recommended should be the first step in taking on the Dr. Simeons’ diet plan. Not only should you be in the right frame of mind but must also have enough willpower to endure the entire diet, which is recommended for a minimum of 26 days, initially.

Dr. William Hay Diet to Lose Weight

No, dear readers, the Hay diet does not impose the ingestion of hay. It is named after its developer, Dr. William Hay back in the 1920s when he suffered from Bright’s disease (we call it Nephritis today). He began eating only natural foods naturally; his health improved and lost some weight.

He divided foods into three groups, alkaline, acidic and neutral.  Alkaline foods should not be eaten together with acidic foods.  With this in mind, he formulated a diet wherein these foods do not mix because Dr. Hay believed that the pancreas secreted more digestive enzymes.

Dr. Hays believed that the body’s modern eating habits causes it to eliminate wastes poorly along with eating few alkaline forming vegetables and also that the foods we at are combined wrongly. Dr. Hay recommends ways to remedy these conditions by following his diet by limiting the intake starches, highly processed foods and proteins

In 1935, Dr. Stewart Baxter did further studies that showed  that regardless of whether carbohydrates or proteins are ingested, the pancreas secretes the same digestive enzymes hence, Dr, Baxter has proven Dr. Hay’s theory that acidic and alkaline foods should be eaten separately is wrong.

In short, the Hay diet was proven NOT effective and is definitely not a healthy way to lose weight. Bottom line still is a sensible eating plan, complete with all the required nutrients our bodies need is still the best way to lose weight.

The ‘Fight Now Breast Cancer’ Diet Plan

On the whole, this diet, researched and formulated by Dr, Aaron Tabor, a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, reiterates the need to reduce stress to prevent many different ailments.

Aside from that, he recommends a diet that not only reduces the risk of breast cancer in women who do not yet have breast cancer as well as the risk of recurrence in those who already have it.

The important foods are stressed in the diet. Foods that are rich in antioxidants protect DNA from damage caused by free-radicals. The diet also pushes for the intake of high-fiber foods with a low-glycemic index. In addition, foods that are rich in omega-3 fats are also an important item in the diet.

It is also important, as Dr. Tabor recommends, that a simple lab test to show whether the individual has a deficiency in vitamin D3 is present – because this deficiency raises the risk of breast cancer by 70%.

The diet is mainly aimed at those who need to lose weight while fighting breast cancer or preventing a recurrence. This particular diet has a basic low-calorie structure but does not actually have a variable for those who would like to just maintain their weight or those who wish to gain some.

Foods that are recommended in this diet are apples, walnuts, carrots, green tea, broccoli, milk fortified with vitamin D, flax seeds, pomegranates, beans, tuna, cod, salmon, shrimps, mackerel and eggs.

The Lifestyle Diet: Atkins Diet Plan

Any diet plan needs modifications in attitude, food, as well as behavior to be successful. Crash diets, though work most of the time and gets one fitted into a prom dress within a week, they are not healthy. Dieting is the process which is for lifetime and it takes commitment, hard work as well is patience and time.

Atkins diet is one such plan that was founded by Dr Robert Atkins in the year 1972. This is one of the most famous diet plan that is being recommended by fitness enthusiasts.

As a matter of fact, this was a personal diet plan that Dr Atkins derived for himself. Due to the success, he wrote a series of books which became a hot seller and millions of people have benefited by this diet.

How it Works?

Atkins diet is considered as a lifestyle diet plan because it could be used long term. Though the loss of weight is good initially, it is advisable to continue the diet plan and maintain it for lifetime. This is basically a low carbohydrate diet plan. The dieter is expected to go through 4 phases

  1. Induction phase
  2. ongoing weight loss
  3. pre-maintenance and
  4. -Lifetime maintenance.

Though most people consider Aitkin’s diet as a crash diet, in truth, it is not. When we put to use the right way this diet plan work wonders on almost everybody.

Stillman Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Based on an eating plan that is very high in proteins, the Stillman diet allows its followers an unlimited intake of protein like eggs, seafood, lean meats including cheeses that are low in fat. Small portions are advocated, with meals up to six times a day.

Ketones are discharged from the body by means of drinking water, at least eight glasses. Vitamin supplements are highly recommended to fill in any void in the recommended daily allowance of any vitamin or mineral that is not met by the entire diet. Beverages like tea, coffee, sugar-free juices and sodas are allowed as well.

The Stillman diet, invented in the 1960s by Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman, born in 1896 and died in 1975 as per NewYork Times report, was based on the understanding of how digestion affected weight gain and loss.

He believed that raising the protein intake to around 90% from the normal 30% would force the metabolism to work harder, thus accelerating weight loss because the metabolism is in fact, working faster.

Normally, dieters following the Stillman procedure would lose 7-15 pounds of fat initially on the first week of the diet.  With each week that follows, an expected weight loss of around 5 pounds. Mainly because, most of the diet is centered on proteins, a lot of vitamins and minerals are not furnished. This is why dieters are instructed to take vitamin supplements.

5 More forgotten diet plans details are given below the image

forgotten diet plans

The Scarsdale Diet Plan

Scarsdale diet was released at the time when people who were serious about losing weight usually went to their doctors for proper advice, the Scarsdale diet became popular among doctors who wanted an easy and efficient way for their patients to lose weight.

For the first two weeks, the dieter is advised to follow a strict and regimented, low calorie diet, guaranteed to make you lose weight.  After the first two weeks, another diet takes over, The Keep Trim Eating diet, wherein additional calories are allowed and additional food is recommended. 

Another round of the Scarsdale diet should be followed after two weeks of the Keep Trim Eating.  Until your ideal weight is reached, the two diets are alternated.

Many say that although the diet makes one lose weight rapidly, most of it is regained because it is mostly fluid retention. Vegetables that are not allowed on the diet are those that are high in fat like avocadoes and those that are very starchy like potatoes.

Fresh fruits are always the best but if fresh ones are nowhere to be found, your best alternative are frozen fruits.  If you are forced to take canned fruit, make sure that they are canned in their natural juices only and NEVER sweetened.

Healthy Diet Plans: Jenny Craig Way

Jenny Craig is a celebrities’ dietician. The diet is well known to be an effective one, because it has been prepared meticulously. The dieter is provided with pre-packaged food as well as snacks to keep check of the calorie consumption.

In addition, one can add fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy. Dieter is expected to be physically active for the entire dieting period. Jenny Craig diet plan is still in use!

A weekly meet with a consultant to discuss the progress in weight loss is part of the program. The consultant will guide through the dieting phase and also help in transition to regular diets after target weight is achieved.

An Expensive Packaged Meal Plan

The provided portion-and-calorie controlled meals help in weight loss and maintenance for a longer period. It is easier to eat because one does not have to worry about the calorie calculation. Further, they are also nutritionally balanced and delicious to eat and easy to prepare.

This diet has been endorsed by celebrities heavily. There are many who have lost weight but, there are also many who have regained it. This diet just like any other diet that has been hyped works only as long as the person is on the diet plan.

Even if not dieting, at least doing maintenance diet. One more reason for many people, not preferring this diet is because; it has pre-packaged foods as part of the plan.

Further, the consultants are not professional dietician or doctors. They are merely trained to provide support. Hence, it cannot be considered professional consultation, which limits the scope of information received.

Master Cleanse Diet: The Total Liquid Diet

This diet plan was created by Stanley Burroughs in the year 1941. It was not so famous back then and is seeing a surge in popularity recently. Back in, when it was created, it was not for dieting purpose. It was used to cleanse the body of the toxins and refresh the entire digestive system.

How the Master Cleanse Diet Works?

  • The good news is, this diet WORKS. As the body is deprived of calories, it starts burning fat and weight loss results. This effect was taken advantage of and Master Cleanse to become a diet plan. This is also known as the Lemonade Diet.
  • The dieter is expected to be on a liquid fast for around 10 to 15 days. A juice mixture of maple syrup, cayenne and lime juice should be consumed for the entire dieting period.
  • No food is allowed. But, one can drink as much water as possible. A minimum of 2 liters of this juice is expected to be consumed. End of the day, the dieter can take warm water with salt to initiate bowel movement.

This diet plan is safe as long as it is used for the right reasons. If you are someone looking to cleanse you body and also enjoy the weight loss that comes with it then this is a perfect diet for you.

But, on the other hand, weight loss is only aim the success of this diet plan depends on how long you can sustain it. Another problem associated with this plan is that, the lost weight could come back soon. However, this diet is advisable for various other health benefits.

5 Factor Diet: Another Fad that Died?

Harley Pasternak, the nutrition and fitness expert is being worshipped by many Hollywood celebrities. Robert Pattinson, Hallie Berry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Robert Downey Jr; to name a few to have reaped the benefits of the 5 factor diet under Harley’s direct guidance.

This is said to be an easy and effective diet plan that will get a person in shape. In fact, the best shape of in their life. There is a list of celebrities who can vouch for this diet, making this a perfect “Hollywood Diet”.

There are 5 factors that guide this diet plan.

  • Eating 5 meals a day
  • Each meal should have all these 5 ingredients, namely; fiber, protein, healthy carbohydrates, be sugar free and have healthy fat.
  • It takes a maximum of 5 min to prepare each meal
  • One free day a week to enjoy guilt free diet
  • 25 min of work out for 5 days a week

The aim of this plan is to give satisfaction and a feeling of fullness without eating much. Since it has been designed by nutrition expert, all food groups are included in every meal, making it very healthy.

For protein; low or lean meat like chicken, fish, turkey is included. High fiber foods like whole grains, vegetables and fruits form the major part of the diet. Most are low glycemic index foods.

For fat intake, monounsaturated olive oil and nuts are recommended to be included in the meal plan.  This is a vegetarian friendly diet and the results are seen within a few months. Harrley is still very active on Instagram.

Dukan Diet: Do It the Royal Way

Dukan Diet created by Dr. Pierre Dukan is one of the favorites as well as famous diet plans in France. Millions of French are said to follow this plan. Thanks to Kate Middleton, this diet is one of the in-thing for many years. A simple plan in which the dieter is should follow a protein-rich four step diet plan to lose and maintain weight.

Only selective foods are allowed to be eaten for a particular phase till the desired weight is achieved. All 4 phases are a distinct with their own set of guidelines and rules. A few deal with weight loss and a few in maintaining the achieved weight. So this is the reason why there are different set of foods recommended during each phase.

5 Faces of Ducan Diet

  • Phase 1: This is an attack phase where the dieter has to be on protein diet. The period ranges anywhere between 3 to 10 days based on the weight loss aimed. Beef, poultry, fish, low-fat dairy products and lean meats basically constitute the main meal.
  • Phase 2: In this phase, the dieter is allowed to include vegetable every alternate day to the protein diet. Starchy vegetables like potatoes, yams, peas, et cetera cannot be added. This is called a cruise phase.
  • Phase 3: To the protein foundation-diet, the dieter can add pasta, bread and fruits. The dieter can also have 2 “diet free” meals every week to indulge themselves.
  • Phase 4: The dieter can eat whatever they want for 6 days a week. The 7th day is the ‘all-protein’ day. This is a maintenance phase in which the weight is given a chance to maintain the current weight.

This is the perfect diet about losing and maintaining weight. The Guardian reported that Ducan Diet was stuck off by French authorities for over commercializing his diet plan.


Monitoring your calorie intake and expenditure and avoiding unhealthy fats are part of a diet. However you do not have to forgo some of your favorite meals and snacks just because you are on a diet you can still enjoy them with moderation or just find healthier substitutes.

A healthy diet should majorly contain nutritious foods that are low on calories. Grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits and water are an important component of a diet. There are many healthy foods that fall into this category, hence you can easily diversify and even try out new foods that you previously did not eat.

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