7 Fun Filled Outdoor Sports to Burn Calories Fast

Want to burn calories fast? Outdoor sports activities are ideal ways to burn tons of calories & turbo charge metabolism to next level without actually feeling like exercising! Moreover, these activities can help enhance your endurance and build .muscle.

Caution: Please note, few of these activities cannot be self taught. Take the help of a professionals or certified trainers to prevent getting injuries or body deformity.

1. Windsurfing – Feel the Exhilarating, Without Exercising

windsurfing burs calories fast

Windsurfing is a popular sport and a great outdoor activity for summers.  This water sport is done by professionals and amateurs alike.

The favorite benefits of windsurfing:

Mental Benefits: Being on the water on a sunny day ensures you soak some valuable vitamin D. in this way you can also combat depression. Remember to wear sunscreen in plenty.

Core strengthened: Windsurfing helps you work on core muscles. Maneuver the steer and sail rigging and thus work your arms, legs and back, while you sail. The need to balance constantly ensures your core is strengthened.

Increased Cardiovascular Endurance:  The more you windsurf, you have better your cardio endurance and you can partake in this sport.  Your heart provides blood to the muscle groups, and helps your heart. The best part is it offers cardiovascular fitness and you can windsurf for a longer time.

Burn Calories Fast:  Expert windsurfer burn easily 1000 calories an hour and windsurfers on recreation burn nearly 500 calories per hour. [ref]

Not an Exercise:  You can travel 20 miles per hour and feel the exhilarating, but you will not realize you are exercising. Burn more calories here than in a gym.

Novices can also spend time in the water. Even falling off the board and pulling yourself out of water means there is work for you arms. Free tool: Check your daily calorie requirement.

2.White Water Rafting, a Memorable Adventure in Combination to Fitness

burn calories fast with white water rafting

White water rafting is a physical and adventurous way of exploring nature, besides delving into the river water depths. Ranging from calm waters to wild and unmanageable waters, rafters encounter difficulties and attempting to overcome the challenges of nature through both hard and easy patches ensures fitness.

One thing is the adrenaline boost that is memorable on this adventure and the bond with people ensuring thrilling and fun experience changing your perspective of being outdoors.

The health fitness of white water rafting includes an adrenaline rush that includes physical and mental pleasure, thus de-stresses completely. The tranquil nature allows relaxing and basking in peace.

Whitewater rafting allows being outdoors and soaking in the sun and also breathing fresh air.  Strengthen muscles while paddling through water and is also an excellent cardio workout as it required paddling on rapids that is fast flowing. The endurance and stamina ensures accomplishing challenges.

White water rafting gives a chance to bond with teammates. You learn teamwork, discipline and leadership skills. Communication is improved and this adventure helps you have a good bond even with your family.

It keeps you away from the distraction of modern technology and to stay engaged in overcoming a challenge. Also check you protein intake

3. Jet Skiing, a Fascinating Calorie Burner

Jet Skiing, a Fascinating Calorie Burner

Jet skiing is fun and the high speed of the watercraft is a fun way to enjoy a sunny day. It helps you stay fit and healthy. It improves cardio system for a beginner and also an advanced jet skier. You can improve blood circulation, help removing waste quickly from your body and bring more nutrients.

The art of jet skiing helps balancing and engaging in the core muscles stability. Sitting crouching on a jet ski and maneuvering it in the water is not an easy task. Decreasing or increasing the speed teaches you to balance and thus promotes endurance. A jet ski is a fascinating calorie burner. Doing it every day for 30 minutes is enough to promote the endurance.

Jet skiing is a great sport and can burn 238 calories of a person weighting 150 pound and this is possible in 30 minutes. It is a fun activity and can be a family outing as well or with friends on the beach. The muscle groups while jet skiing maneuver it and keep a stable position. You can ride it and move away hindrances.

Jet skiing teaches concentrating and focusing on riding and getting through a task, regardless of how tough the task is.

4. Rock Climbing, Ensures Plenty of Health Perks

Rock climbing burns calories fast

Rock climbing ensures reaping significant health benefits. It offers physical and emotional health perks. For rock climbing, proper training is a must and you have to follow safety precautions.

Calorie Expenditure Perks: This burns calories easily and you can achieve a healthy body weight. Even if you are obese, rock climbing burns 500 calories and you will shed per week 1 pound and more than you eat.

Chronic Disease Prevention: Rock climbing is an amazing way of reducing chronic diseases risk such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and high blood cholesterol. The intensity of physical activity showers health benefits in plenty that even 1.25 to 2.5 hours of rock climbing is more than enough.

Strength and Toning: Your muscle groups work together in rock climbing and thus increase your muscle strength and elite rock climbers have low body fat percentages and low body mass indexes, besides increased handgrip strengths.

Psychological Advantages:  Improves your mood on doing rock climbing regularly. It also improves moods of people and has an effective way of improving depressed moods.

Rock climbing is an adventure sport but includes falls and injuries in the starting stages. They may be strains, fractures and sprains while rock climbing.

5. Snow Mobiling, an Ideal Game to Stay Fit in Winter

Burn tons of calories with Snow Mobiling

Snow mobiling gives an opportunity to stay charged in the winter months. Snow mobiling is challenging on the icy temperature. It offers physical workout and at the same time supports mental health.

There are plenty of benefits in this winter activity. It builds core strength and is flexible to maneuver the trails. In fact any average person also burns per hour nearly 230 calories while snow mobiling.

In winters there is weight gain due to deprivation of sunlight and this affects most people and results in depression, thus continues throughout the winter months. The snow mobiling offers a change from the dull interior and releases melatonin in the brain. It is a natural way of getting light and exercise.

Breathing indoor refers to breathing in the filtered air alone and thus getting mixed with the germs of other people. You can find people outdoors and participating in activities such as snow mobiling is helpful to stay active throughout the year and to boost your immune system. This will ward off the winter colds.

The stress part is reduced once you step out from indoors. This offers the required relief and keeps your mind relaxed. A relaxed mind ensures a fit body. How much water to drink?

6. Burn Calories Fast With Snowboarding

Anow boarding is a fast calorie burning activity

Snowboarding is a popular winter sport offering a galore of health benefits. Even if you lack skills of most proficient snowboarder, you can burn calories and enjoy the cardiovascular benefits. Plus, you can stay outdoors and decrease the levels of anxiety, thereby strengthen your mental health.

The snowboarding has many health benefits:

Promotes cardiovascular fitness: Practicing snowboarding regularly, increases respiratory and cardiovascular endurance. Thus, it scorches calories. Depending on the terrain, an average person may burn per hour between 250 and 630 calories.

Increases strength: Snowboarding allows virtually toning of every muscle. You will be using your quads, calves and hamstrings. Snowboarding provides upper body workout, so engaging your arm and shoulder muscles helps in balancing and picking after a fall.

Improves balance and flexibility:  Snowboarding improves flexibility as you need to change the speed and direction rapidly. When you strive to remain upright down the slope will help improve balance.

Feel happy: Snowboarding releases endorphins that reduce pain perceptions and triggers feelings of well-being. This is fun, and you can be in a better mood on hitting the slopes.

Strengthens to concentrate:  To remain upright and avert falls, snowboarders need to concentrate and pay attention to subtle changes. This ability to focus helps and is easier to concentrate on tasks.

7. Kayaking, An Ideal Way To Burn Calories Slowly

Kayaking is an steady fast calorie burning activity
30 minutes of kayaking burns nearly 222 calories in a person weighing 185 pound.

Kayaking offers entertainment and is one of the few exercises that offer the opportunity to admire the surroundings and enjoy the tranquility. Kayaking is a water sport offering great benefits to improve overall health.

Strength Inside and Out:  Kayaking elevates cardiovascular health and provides upper body workout. It is good for lower body as well. You can navigate the boat with legs and keep active.

Overall Health Improvement:  This is an aerobic workout and is a key part of the fitness routine.  It includes improved heart health, endurance, blood sugar control, cholesterol levels regulation; lung strength promoted and lowers blood pressure.

Exercises such as kayaking have a vital role in the mental health improvement. Aerobic exercise triggers brain chemicals release and it quickly improves your mood. In case, you are stressed out or depressed, and wish to clear your mind, paddling a kayak offers a relaxing workout. The physical benefits ensure higher self-esteem.

Kayaking helps burning calories and supports weight loss. This activity helps burning fat and gives a slimmer physique. 30 minutes of kayaking burns nearly 222 calories in a person weighing 185 pound. The calorie burning is lower than other exercise forms, but in long excursions, you will burn more calories up to 1000.

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